VCI plastic film is a new generation of innovative high-tech products based on the combination of polymer materials and the development of VCI technology.

After using the film to package and seal the rust-proof articles, the VCI contained in the film begins to sublime and volatilize the rust-proof gas factor, diffuse and penetrate to the surface of the rust-proof article and adsorb on it, forming a dense protective film layer with a single molecule thickness to isolate Various factors that induce rust contact with the surface of the object to be rusted, thereby effectively preventing the occurrence of rust.

The anti-rust bag is suitable for iron metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze, electroplated metal, zinc and alloy, chromium and alloy, cadmium and alloy, nickel and alloy, tin and alloy, aluminum and alloy, stainless steel, etc. Kinds of metal materials and products.

Anti-rust bag for metal packaging

Anti-rust bag丨Features and advantages

  • 1. It has excellent gas phase and contact anti-rust performance, good anti-rust effect, and high-cost performance.

  • 2. Clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and safe. Pass SGS certification and comply with RoHS directive requirements.

  • 3. The anti-rust items can be used immediately without degreasing and cleaning. Save labor and time, improve work efficiency, and save costs.

  • 4. Transparent and beautiful, the anti-rust items are dynamically visible and easy to identify.

  • 5. Wide applicability. It can be used as small as a single part or as large as the entire equipment.

  • 6. Good printability, which helps to improve the image and grade of anti-rust items.

Anti-rust bag application method

Note before packing

The surface of the rust-proof articles should be clean and dry before packaging. Then package and seal with anti-rust film at normal temperature and room temperature.

If the oil is packaged, it should be confirmed that the oil does not contain chemical components such as sulfur and chlorine, otherwise it will have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the VCI.

Pay attention to when packing

Wear clean gloves when packing and do not touch the rust-proof items with bare hands.

If there are protrusions or corners on the rust-proof object, be careful not to puncture the film. If it is damaged accidentally, the wound should be sealed with industrial tape in time to ensure the seal.

Pay attention to the packaging environment

During anti-rust packaging operations, the workplace should be kept away from “acids, alkalis, and other highly corrosive substances and corrosive gases”