Nowadays, the development of industrial machinery products is advancing by leaps and bounds. More and more fields and enterprises are paying attention to anti-rust technology. There are many anti-rust products on the market, such as anti-rust oil, anti-rust bag film, anti-rust paper, etc., Then how to choose VCI anti-rust paper?

The choice of VCI anti-rust paper is actually not mysterious. It is well known that there are 5 major criteria for choosing a good anti-rust paper. As long as you understand the anti-rust principle and its characteristics of anti-rust paper, the choice will have a multiplier effect.

VCI anti-rust paper distinguishes true from false:

You can smell the odor, VCI anti-corrosion paper generally has a more or less odor; you can also soak the vapor-phase anti-corrosion paper with a small amount of water, and measure the PH value with a PH test. If the PH value is greater than 7, it may be really anti-corrosive.

Rusty paper; or immerse uncorroded metal (usually iron, or metal that can be protected by VCI paper) in water-soaked with VCI paper for 1 minute, then take it out and place it in the air, and place the water after it dries For half an hour if the metal is not corroded, the anti-rust paper has the anti-rust ability;

Features of VCI anti-rust paper

  • 1. It is simple and convenient to use, integrating packaging, and anti-rust functions.

  • 2. It is safe and reliable, and does not contain phosphate, nitrite, and other substances that affect the environment.

  • 3. It can protect parts with complicated structure because of its excellent gas phase and contact rust resistance.

  • 4. The packaging is beautiful, and printing services can be provided according to user requirements.

  • 5. Clean anti-corrosion packaging can be used directly after unsealing.

vci anti-rust paper selection

The working principle of VCI anti-rust paper

VCI substances, vaporizing corrosion inhibitors, will automatically volatilize and vaporize in the air at room temperature.

The resulting vaporized corrosion inhibitor particles can automatically adsorb on the surface of metal materials and form protective particles, thereby effectively destroying the environment where corrosion is formed.

Block various corrosion factors in the environment, cut off the metal corrosion process, and achieve the purpose of protecting metal materials.

The particles will achieve the corrosion inhibition effect on metals through different physical and chemical processes of passivation, reduction, and complexation of the cathode and anode.