The main function of the VCI bag is to prevent the loss and failure of material properties caused by the chemical reaction or electrochemical reaction between metal materials and the environment. You may not believe that a simple plastic bag can have such a large function.

This is not a simple plastic bag. The vapor phase anti-corrosion bag is a kind of anti-corrosion packaging product that is carefully processed by polyethylene material as a carrier and a volatile corrosion inhibitor.

When the anti-rust bag covers or protects metal products in a closed environment, it will automatically volatilize anti-rust ions according to the environment.

These anti-rust ions will fill the entire closed packaging space, effectively reducing the corrosivity of environmental media to metals, So as to protect the metal from rust.

For some manufacturers, the anti-rust bag is an indispensable packaging product. It not only has its unique anti-rust effect but also because it is clean and tidy, convenient, and beautiful to use, environmentally friendly, and safe, whether it is product storage or shipping packaging.

The manufacturer has brought a lot of conveniences and greatly improved the company’s product image.

Anti-rust bag function

“The use of anti-rust bags”

How to use the anti-rust bag more efficiently and use the anti-rust performance of the anti-rust bag to improve the anti-rust effect of the anti-rust bag, you need to do the following:

  • 1. Make sure the product is clean and tidy
    Before packaging, make sure that the packaging is not rusty, clean, and free of corrosive chemicals.

  • 2. Check the temperature of the package
    When packaging, the temperature of the packaged object must be consistent with the temperature of the space.

  • 3. Use of multiple materials
    When used for the packaging of large equipment, lining packaging of large boxes, and packaging of dense products, it is recommended to use a variety of VCI materials together, such as anti-rust paper, anti-rust plastic bags, and anti-rust powder.

  • 4. Standard work
    Wear gloves during the entire operation to avoid rusting of the product due to hand sweat.

  • 5. Fast archive
    Before packaging, please do not expose the anti-corrosion products for a long time. After the packaging is completed, it should be sealed as soon as possible. It can be sealed with heat sealing, tape, cable tie, etc., and the anti-corrosion products that are not used up should be resealed and stored.