VCI paper is made of high-quality rust-preventing base paper and highly efficient compounded special vapor-phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI LIQUID), processed and refined through a special process.

In the sealed packaging space, the VCI contained in the paper begins to sublime and volatilize the anti-rust gas factor under normal temperature and pressure, diffuse and penetrate to the surface of the anti-rust item and adsorb on it, forming a dense protective film layer with a single molecule thickness, thereby achieving The purpose of rust prevention.

Anti-rust paper effect

Anti-rust Paper, the carrier is anti-rust base paper, after VCI liquid coating, VCI will be slowly released from the kraft paper in a suitable space, forming a saturated gas layer in a relatively closed space, thereby affecting the environment Metal materials form rust protection.

The varieties of anti-rust paper are: bleached, unbleached; coated, wrinkled, and coated wrinkled, and different VCI grades are used for different metals.

Suitable for various metal materials and products such as iron metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, electroplated metal, zinc and alloy, chromium and alloy, cadmium and alloy, nickel and alloy, tin and alloy, aluminum and alloy.

It can realize oil-free packaging, no smearing, degreasing, and cleaning procedures, saving labor, time, and cost. The high-performance VCI is evenly contained in the rust-proof paper, and the rust-proof effect can be quickly displayed after packaging, even if it is not directly in contact with the metal.

Effective rust prevention, especially suitable for metal parts with complex appearance. It has the dual effects of rust prevention and packaging. Compared with vacuum packaging, it is low in cost, simple to use, clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and safe.

The purpose of using VCI anti-corrosion paper is to prevent corrosion. Although anti-corrosion paper has so many advantages, in many cases, due to various reasons, the protective effect of anti-corrosion paper is always unsatisfactory.

After knowing how to choose VCI anti-corrosion paper in the purchase, now I will tell you what to do to make the anti-corrosion paper effective:

  • 1. The packaging space should be as closed as possible.

  • 2. To avoid and eliminate the possibility of water intruding into the protected items.

  • 3. Before packing with anti-rust paper, make sure that the surface of the protected item is dry.

  • 4. When packaging with VCI anti-rust paper, clean your hands first to ensure that your hands do not contain any corrosive impurities such as hand sweat, some corrosive substances in the cleaning agent, etc. Rubber gloves should also be worn to avoid contact with rust-proof paper with bare hands.

  • 5. The parts to be protected should not be in direct contact with wood or other acidic substances to avoid corrosion.

  • 6. Make sure that the VCI anti-corrosion paper is in direct contact with the protected objects, and there can be no obstacles between the two.