VCI technology has been developed for more than a century, and the application of VCI paper and VCI film in industrial packaging has been relatively mature. It is widely used in the automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, steel industry, electronics industry, aviation industry, etc.

VCI paper and VCI film
VCI paper and VCI film

Features of VCI products:

The anti-rust product contains a uniquely developed formula, which can quickly volatilize effective substances and reduce the activity of water, thereby achieving the effect of inhibiting corrosion. Has the following advantages:

  • 1. It has good rust resistance, which can protect the product for more than 2 years on average.

  • 2. It has dual functions of rust prevention and packaging, no application, degreasing, cleaning and other procedures, saving labor, time, and cost.

  • 3. After packaging, it quickly exerts the anti-rust function, even for items with irregular surfaces, it can prevent corrosion in all directions without leaving any dead spots.

  • 4. Environmental protection and safety, through SGS certification, RoHS directive, a wide range of applications.

  • 5. Use anti-rust packaging materials, no need to use oil, saving oil removal links and oil removal costs.

  • 6. Easy to use, the product can be protected immediately after unpacking, speeding up the production time and efficiency of the assembly line.

In the anti-rust field, whether anti-rust paper or anti-rust film is better depends on the packaging requirements.

Anti-rust is very professional in the field of anti-rust. The products are exported to high-end companies in Asia and Europe. From the perspective of the manufacturers of VCI products, Anti-rust will teach you the difference between VCI paper and VCI film:

  • 1. Different materials: VCI carrier of VCI paper is neutral kraft paper, VCI carrier of VCI film is polyethylene.

  • 2. Different classification: The kraft paper characteristics of VCI paper can be made into crepe paper, silk paper, plain paper, and woven cloth paper.

    The polyethylene characteristics of the vapor phase anti-corrosion film can be used to make various bag-like and various forms of film, as well as derived VCI antistatic film, VCI heat-shrinkable film, VCI stretch film, VCI anti-ultraviolet film, VCI aluminum foil film, etc.

  • 3. From the perspective of quickly preventing corrosion, VCI VCI paper has certain advantages: VCI on neutral kraft paper is easier to release quickly than VCI in polyethylene.

    From the perspective of long-lasting rust prevention, the vapor phase anti-rust film appears to be much longer, and the combination of the two can achieve a longer rust prevention cycle.

  • 4. Recommendation: For large forgings, consider VCI VCI winding film, and consider using VCI VCI paper for bearing packaging.

Of course, you must contact our VCI R&D engineers for the specific packaging plan. They will provide suitable rust-proof packaging solutions according to different needs.